Summer Spine Health

Accident & Injury Chiropractic Dr. Joel Vranna 0 Comments

If you suffer from back pain or have a back injury, summertime can result in increased pain. Here are some tips for handling summer pain triggers when you have back pain.

Weather: Although a connection has not been studied, many back pain sufferers report an increase in pain with heat, humidity and pressure changes. If you notice changes with your own pain levels, try to stay indoors in the air conditioning. Also, ice therapy can help with inflammation.

Sleep: Summer nights can be late nights! With longer days and more sunlight, staying up can become a habit. If you aren’t getting enough sleep or have trouble staying asleep, try to go to bed earlier. Also, cut out alcohol and caffeine at night if it keeps you up.

Travel: Sitting in a car or plane for a long time can wreak havoc on your back. Make sure to take frequent breaks if you are driving or get up and stretch on the plane. Also, sleeping on other peoples beds or in hotels could lead to back pain if you aren’t used to the mattress.

Fun: Many summer activities can aggravate your pain. Sporting events can have you sitting down for long periods of time. If you are going to a baseball game or something that involves bleachers, bring a portable seat cushion. If you are heading to an event or outdoor activity (parks, amusement parks, farmers market etc.) be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

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