Neck Pain & Headache

attractive woman with laptop having neck pain

Neck pain is a leading cause of headaches.

Neck pain and headache can floor the toughest of human beings. Oddly, it’s at the extremities of the body where pain is felt with the greatest intensity – the feet, the hands and the neck and head. Those parts of us that are most vitally in contact with the environment have the most sensory receptors. Some 80% of headaches originate in the structures of the neck. It can be muscular, or from a neck joint, a whiplash perhaps, some structure that fires these noxious impulses into the spinal cord. Interestingly only a small proportion of them are referred to the brain, but enough when it’s coming from the neck to cause a blinding headache.

When headaches are frequent or recur over time, they can make life miserable. A Doctor of Chiropractic is highly experienced in finding the cause behind headaches as well as relieving the immediate pain.

Usually, a series of spinal adjustment to return misaligned spinal bone to a more normal position and motion can relieve pressure on irritated nerve roots. A Chiropractor can also help in identifying headache triggers, suggest relaxation exercises, therapy and lifestyle modifications to help avoid future headaches

Chances are you have experienced a stiff or sore neck a one time or another. Given the complex mechanics and functions of the neck, it is no wonder that neck pain is so common. Many neck problems can damage your health if not corrected.

A fall or accident may cause sudden damage to the neck, or damage may occur slowly through vertebral subluxations, spinal imbalance, physical or emotional stress, or poor posture. In addition, these conditions can cause a reduction in the normal range of motion in the neck, as well as pain in the face, shoulder, arm, wrist, hand or fingers.

The Chiropractic approach is to find the source of the neck pain and gently correct it. By correcting the source of the problem, the body can heal naturally without nerve interference.