Have a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving

Accident & Injury Chiropractic Dr. Joel Vranna

Thanksgiving is only a few days away! I am sure you are busy prepping for your travel, food menus and activities for the weekend. The holiday season brings a lot of joy and celebration, but the busy itineraries and packed calendars can induce stress in many of us. The holidays also bring a lot of opportunity to overindulge. Here are a few tips for having a healthy Thanksgiving while still being able to enjoy yourself!

During the Meal

  • Don’t fill up on appetizers. It can be easy to graze and snack all day long when the food is there. When appetizers are available head for the veggie platter. Avoid sauces/dips/cream based dishes. If your favorite appetizer is there and you must indulge, have a small portion.
  • Hydrate! Drinking a lot of water is important, especially during a long day of celebrating. If plain water is difficult for your to drink, try having water with fruit (lemons, strawberries, limes, etc.).
  • Eat mostly proteins and green veggies! Definitely have the salad and as many green vegetables as you can on your plate. (Green beans, broccoli, etc.) Make sure to have a decent sized portion of the turkey (or other protein main course).
  • Pick and Choose. The starchy potatoes, stuffing and breads can leave you with a bloated, heavy feeling.You don’t have to avoid these foods but pick and choose your favorites and avoid gravy or extra sauces.
  • Veggies are always a good choice. If you are still hungry after your first plate, fill up on more vegetables. Eat slowly to give your stomach time to fill and avoid overeating.
  • Have a dessert! It is ok to reward yourself with a piece of pie, brownie or cake. If there are many desserts available choose the one you enjoy the most.

    Other healthy holiday tips

    • Stress less, breathe more. The holidays can be a stressful time. You may have a lot on your plate- hosting the dinner, cleaning, cooking, and other daily tasks. Breathe in deeply and let the stress exit your body on the exhale. When you are cooking don’t forget to pause and take a break once in awhile.
    • Don’t avoid exercise. If you are feeling like you don’t have time to include exercise with your busy calendar, don’t worry! Even a short walk before or after dinner can help keep your heart healthy and help with digestion of your Thanksgiving meal. Play a game of football with the family, or run around outside with the younger kids. If you have time for your regular workout routine try to get it in in the morning before festivities begin, you will have a burst of energy to last you all the way until Black Friday shopping!
    • Enjoy yourself. Laughter is great medicine, spend time with your loved ones. Remember why you are celebrating the holiday. Remind yourself what you are thankful for and share your gratitude with your family/friends.


    Do you have any healthy tips you follow on Thanksgiving? Share with us below!


    We wish you and yours a very happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day!